I rolled over this morning at 7:15 AM to the sound of the alarm on my iPhone, lazily reached around for a minute to shut it off, and then groggily checked my email as I always do. To my delight, in the upper left corner, next to three glorious bars of service, was a brand spanking new 3G icon in place of that depressing little E. Hear that people from Vancouver Island? 3G has finally reached Nanaimo.

Thank you Rogers Wireless, we can (almost) be friends again.

In other news, I was on the bus today thinking about how much I'd love to use Outpost to check my Basecamp during the 20 minute ride to Viviti, so I checked out outpostapp.com and found it amusing that the site seems to virtually explode all over iPhones version of Safari. Well, at least they're working on the app instead of the web site, ha.

Speaking of the iPhone, I found a funny quote by someone named Phil on pleasefixtheiphone.com the other day:

"Lack of MMS support. People laugh at my iPhone because its the only phone since 2002 that can't send or receive picture messages. Why am I ashamed to have the most advanced mobile hardware in the world?"

A wonderful company called FullSIX in NY made that site, and in my opinion it's pretty cool.

My biggest qualm with my iPhone is that I can't seem to figure out how to edit the in-memory dictionary to stop capitalizing the word "nerdburn" every time I write it. Does anyone else know how to do this?