E-commerce is one of those areas where great design really adds to the user experience. Whether it's injecting some extra excitement into the shopping sensation, or presenting a lot of information in an easy to digest manner, we have our work cut out for us as designers while creating UI for e-commerce.

I've noticed a few great designs over the last few months, both aesthetically and functionally so I thought I'd throw a bunch of screencaps at you for inspiration.


The Canadian shoe retailer ShoeGuru has a slick, minimalist design to house their inventory of Gola shoes, while using Pay Pal for everything from the cart to the checkout. It seems to be working though!


As designer's, most of us familiar with and love Esty. Some of us have products there, or aspire to sell products there (ha, I'm still working on my T-shirt designs). Considering how many products are on Etsy, it's practically an e-commerce mega-site, but definitely doesn't feel that way.


Selling some fantastic Japanese toys, art, and clothes, TokyoCube is a fun company, with a fantastically fun online shopping experience. There is a lot of great detail in these designs, and I think the subject matter just makes it even more technocute.


A retailer of fabulous typefaces, FontShop could have gone with a boring site like many in the genre, but instead their design can stand alone, while featuring the products they sell. Pretty impressive in my opinion. I didn't get a screencap of it, but they also have a nice "Add To Cart" effect when you add a font to your basket.

Get Designing!

Now that you've had a few minutes to gander at some other design projects, it's time to take that inspiration and get back to work... I know I should anyway. But first, let everyone know what your favorite e-commerce sites are, from a graphical design (how it looks) and usability (how it works) standpoint below. Leave a comment, and have a great Friday!