Every now and again I beat myself about my financial position in life. As an entrepreneur, it seems that wealth should be the next logical step in the evolution of my abilities. Then, after spending a little time in my notebook, I shake the fear away and re-align my thinking with my values.

I can’t teach you how to get rich, because I’m not rich, but I’ve chosen an alternate path and found immense joy in it, as well as the ability to keep the bills paid, travel regularly, make great friendships and some powerful connections.

I dropped out of high school, never went to college, and didn’t work my way up the corporate ladder. Yet I’ve spoken at events and created products that thousands of people love and use daily. I have the freedom to make my own hours and do challenging work every day.

Instead of the normal path, I found something that I loved to do, and passionately dug in, deeply immersing myself in the joy of learning and creating. Rather than giving up when I felt over my head, I went deeper. I’ve studied for the pleasure of it and created things with my newly acquired knowledge. I’ve tinkered and shared, imagining what I could create in the future, just reveling in the flow of learning and execution.

Magic happens when you put something into the world; when you share a little piece of yourself. Other people are inspired to try as well. For a moment, the shroud of stability is lifted, and people catch a glimpse of the richness of a different perspective.

“The lust for comfort murders the passions of the soul."
~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Every now and again my lust for comfort drives me back to the question of my financial situation, and I think about chasing investors or getting a “real" job and sacrificing the joy and freedom I’ve found.

Then I write something like this and remind myself why I’ve chosen this path.