My good friend Jon and I have been working over the holidays on a dream of mine I had a couple of years ago called QuoteRobot. It's a web app we're building that will help designers and coders create quotes and win jobs, and we're both pretty excited about it.

I figured I'd post about it and show a few comp screenshots. This is all in development, but I welcome your feedback and comments. Feel free to check out the splash page here.

A Few Screens

Here's one of the splash page:

Splash Page

Here's one of the upcoming home page:

QuoteRobot Home Page

Here's a concept of the creator (lacking some color at this point):

QuoteRobot Creator

Here's an edit on the handles for pages:

Handles Edit

Unique Features

QuoteRobot was created in response to the popularity of my free web design proposal template. The idea is to take a tedious process like creating quotes and proposals, and turn it into something that's fun, and really easy. Here's how we intend to accomplish that:

  • Drag & drop pages: Need a title page on your quote? Drag the template from a list onto the canvas and fill out the resulting form.
  • Social line items: QuoteRobot will remember line items from the whole user base, and you'll be able to rate, comment, and use them as you wish. This will (hopefully) take the guess work out of quoting.
  • Multiple templates: Although we'll launch shortly with only one template, we will eventually allow the addition of user-generated templates.
  • Output to PDF, web, and email: Send the quote / proposal to your client the way you want to.
  • Immediate acceptance & feedback: Once your client receives the quote, they can click to accept it, comment on it, or refuse it, so you know where you stand immediately.

Help Promote QuoteRobot

Please visit QuoteRobot, subscribe to the email list, and post, tweet, blog and IM about it! Jon and I both work full time and are crunching this out in our spare time so it's a lot of work, but we're dedicated and determined to help designers like us quote better.