Today on LinkedIn, I discovered a question titled "How do you define Web 3.0?" and my stomach turned. Are we really going there? Has mankind fallen so far as to need a consumer friendly buzz word for everything we do?

I'm guilty of mocking buzz word heavy web sites and blogs for using the words Web 2.0, and just as guilty of sprinkling sales meetings and client conversations with the same term, touting Web 2.0 as the magical solution to customer needs.

The truth is, the web is just the web. We simply use the term Web 2.0 to communicate that we're doing something "new", or that we've found new ways of doing something old.

Jeffrey Zeldman wrote a great article over at A List Apart that sums up my thoughts on the subject, he hit the nail on the head in my opinion.

I hope the term Web 3.0 doesn't catch on, and we can all embrace the fact that the internet, being organic, global, and growing as fast as it is, will continue to grow and spawn new ideas every day, everywhere.

Let's just call it the web.