Originally, like my last post, I was going to write one article with a bunch of links to great UI design examples, but as I got into it the article became huge.

In order to sate my appetite for inspiring UI designers, this will be the first post in a series called "UI design examples to inspire you".

Vimeo Logo


From what I've seen, Vimeo is a community to upload and share videos, kind of like YouTube, but prettier and in high-definition.

What I Like About the UI

I'll keep these in point form for now, then go into them in more detail with photos:

  • Easy to sign up - Literally 3 inputs right on the home page, nice work!
  • Attractive site design - The site looks great, without sacrificing functionality.
  • Pleasant menus - Ease of use and rounded corners give these menus a friendly feeling.
  • Section headers with arrows - Ideas for section headers are always tricky; this one is simple and effective

Home Page

The home page looks great without sacrificing anything. There are plenty of feature videos, search, comments, and even advertisements laid out and everything seems pretty easy to find. I was able to discern what the site is for, what I can do, and how other people are using it almost immediately.

Vimeo Home Page

I have to point out the signup form again, at the top of that screenshot. I signed up and it was a piece of cake. Major kudos for that.

Log In Page

I just like the design of this log in page.

It's stretchy and manages to look great while I resize my browser window.

My Account Dashboard

This screenshot shows what you see after you log in. I've highlighted one of the menu options to show the drop down, nice! The page prompts me right away to learn the basics, and still offers a bunch of other things to explore.

The Drop Down Menu

I like this menu because (a) I don't often see rounded corner drop down menus, and (b) it has a lot in it without seeming scary or making me feel lost.

Like Flickr, the Me link shows my profile photo next to it and clicking on it drops down options relating to me.

The search box looks the same as on the home page; good use of consistency. It's not even very different in size.

The Section Headers

This is a small thing, but I thought I'd point out the little down arrow on the section headers. It looks especially nice next to the advertisement, as it seems to integration the 3rd party ad into their design.

Constructive Criticism

I only have two points of constructive criticism. Take a look at the image below:

  • Button color/style - The buttons, being "flat" and the same colors as much of the rest of the site, seem to blend in well and get hidden
  • Upload button hidden - This relates to the first criticism. Visually, the Upload Video button gets lost next to the rainbow Vimeo logo and side nav bar. It looks like it could be the page title rather than a call to action.

In Closing

Do you have any love or criticism for this design? If so, comment below and share it with other readers. Did you find this post inspirational at all? If so, please Digg It so more people can find it. Thanks for reading.