Twitter reports that there are over 250 million tweets per day and over 30 million new websites are created every year. The web has become the global stream of consciousness. Content is being published with no more than an impulse and we're storing it all for later. What will we do with all this content?

I don't know about you, but keeping up with my Twitter, email, and the few blogs I follow takes a fair bit of time. I've taken to bringing my iPad to the bathroom to get some extra reading in and the amount of content available isn't slowing down.

Another designer I follow (Chris Bowler) mentions in this post that the act of publishing content has become frictionless, it's so easy. I totally agree.

I think the idea of a global consciousness sums it up pretty well.

Who will organize, share, and curate the millions of pieces of content that are being published every second? Should we rely on Google to do it?

I predict that one of the next big pushes in internet startups will be more ways to curate content. What do you think?